To build right citizen school education is playing a significant role, as during this period the individual is in the process of continuous development. For making a child to grow with values, the requirement of a very well balanced faculty in the school is strongly needed. We in City Public school Noida, understand the responsibility of developing our students by providing them with specialized teachers for different subjects. The nature of teaching has undergone a sea change. Today learning is a process of active construction of knowledge and skills.

Our faculty is very well trained to motivate our students to develop them into balanced individuals. Our teachers collaborate various projects, work on new methodology of teaching and also initiate new interesting activities for students. The teachers are attaining high performance level in teaching by attending various workshops conducted by CBSE and other Private organizations. These sessions enhance and sharpen their skills of teaching.

Our faculty members are closely interacting with students and try to observe their behavioural changes and also motivate them to be better individuals. The emphasis is laid on value based education where our teachers are well guided and trained to enable students to articulate their thoughts and also develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their work. When values are explicitly demonstrated and acknowledged within a school, the outcome is respectful, sincere and caring culture. Such positive development draws teachers and students together for better results.

What makes our approach different is that our faculty members imbibe good values, lay emphasis on moral teaching along with the curriculum designed for the session.

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