Message from the Academic Director

City Public School is a well established institution and is growing from  strength to strength. The School has well designed infrastructure and a strong faculty with a vision to produce confident and balanced human beings. Educational programmes have to be dynamic and robust units changing and adjusting with the change in the political, economic, technological and environmental scene. Good institutions are trying to transfer into centres for training and development. We at CPS Noida lay stress on all parameters of development viz. the intellectual, moral physical and mental.

Strong guidance and counselling helps our students to cope with daily stress. Parents must try to ensure that their child is emotionally strong and is capable of facing challenges in future. To develop positive attitude among students ,it is imperative for both teachers and parents to use the child's emotional intelligence effectively so that he or she will develop concern for others and also indulge in various useful activities to boost the emotional quotient like-reading, hobbies, joining a support group helping weak and physically challenged people. Keeping present scenario in view both parents and teachers must keep a close watch and monitor the activities of children. Influence of mobile phones and other multimedia has done more damage then good on the mental attitude of children. We are expected to deal with this challenge sensibly so that present situation will come under control. Channelizing of activities of our children in sports and in other art fields should be treated as top priority.

Schools cannot achieve it single handed. Parents co-operation is required to help the child from distraction.

Let us begin to work together with renewed energy and hope we achieve success in our efforts.

Mrs. G.Kaul